Thursday, January 31, 2013

SVG Book Getting Closer

Vector Graphics An SVG graphic by Kurt Cagle Vector Graphics

I wanted to redirect your attention to the graphic to your left. It's written in Scalable Vector Graphics, or SVG, and is rendered directly into your browser as part of HTML 5 support. I've just wrapped up the first draft of my SVG Web Graphics book for O'Reilly Media, due to go to technical review today, and hopefully available on Safari by early spring.

SVG is cool. There's no question about it. It gives you the ability to integrate text and graphics on a web page with comparatively few problems, lets you script graphics dynamically, gives you the means to select text within the graphics, and can be interactive. (click on me).

I'm doing this partially as a test in order to see how well SVG is supported in blogger (the answer is "pretty good, actually!"). However, I hope to preview some of the book in the future as well, and talk about the intersection of data design and user interface design, which SVG is ideally suited for. So, watch this space.

And this one ... ... bye!

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